Eau de Parfum – Unisex


A scent for feminists, cyborgs and survivors.

Winner of the Art and Olfaction Awards 2017, Independent Category

Bergamot essence, Lemon essence, Aqual™, Ginger Pure Jungle Essence™
Rose Superessence, Orange blossom absolute, Nutmeg essence, Black Pepper, Pure Jungle Essence™
Cedar wood essence, Vetiver essence, Patchouli essence, Ambramone™

Eau de Parfum – Unisex

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"Won the most coveted fragrance award ever"

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A swan song by Jacques Lacan, Miley Cyrus and out tinnitus about desire, lust and nothingness.

Altruist the Eau de Parfum is based on the composition of the Eau de Toilette Altruist, that was created in collaboration with Berlin artist Paul DeFlorian as Art Edition. The composition is characterised by the inspiration of Paul DeFlorian. The atmosphere and colours of his painting are represented in the scent.

Following the positive feedback for the limited Eau de Toilette, we will add the formula as Eau de Parfum to the range of products of J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin in spring 2017. Due to the higher concentration of the oils, the modern character of the scent unfolds even more and develops beautifully.

J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin Altruist Art Edition 2018

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Veronique Nyberg

Véronique Nyberg and Paul DeFlorian in the process of fragrance creation and evaluation.


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