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Short Introduction

J.F. SCHWARZLOSE – "Berlin air, Berlin scent" - Tradition & Quality since 1856.

Unlike France, Italy or England, Germany has only a very few perfume houses with a long tradition. In the luxury sector, J.F. Schwarzlose is Germany’s only historic perfume house, that is still active today.

As a supplier to the royal and imperial courts, the brand created iconic fragrances such as 1A33, Trance, Rosa Centifolia, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr (Rendezvous at 8 o’clock) and many more. At the beginning of the 20th century, these perfumes were known in Europe, America and even in Australia. Historic Schwarzlose perfume bottles can be found in museums from New York to Beijing, where China’s last emperor kept his own collection that is now on display in the Palace of the Forbidden City. Schwarzlose created the ‘must have’ scents during Berlins ‘golden’, roaring 1920s, one of the first perfume campaign featuring a celebrity (starring movie star Edmonde Guy) and the first machine that scented handkerchiefs. The brand created new ingredients, set trends and a few of the historic bottles were developed by famous designers, including Wilhelm Wagenfeld a BAUHAUS scholar.

Today the brand views its rich tradition as a commitment to create unique products with substance – relevant, authentic concepts and original, innovative scents. Everything is developed and made by hand near the historical Schwarzlose location in Berlin Moabit.

The team brings decades of experience: Lutz Herrmann has designed the bottles of international fragrance successes since the 1980s for brands like Joop, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander, Davidoff, GUCCI, Lacoste and many more. Perfumer Véronique Nyberg is head of scent creation at fragrance oil manufacturer Mane and develops fragrances for many international brands. Today’s Schwarzlose collection the result of the passion for Berlin and for the German perfume history that is shared by both creatives. The current collection includes both new interpretations of Schwarzlose classics, whose original formulas were determined with chromatography analysis of old bottles to be interpreted in a modern way, as well as new creations, inspired by Berlin today. The scents and the pack designs are cosmopolitan, contemporary and confident – yet never ‘loud’ – original and far from any mainstream attitude. They are eccentric, extravagant and dazzling – like the city of Berlin.