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The concept The new fragrance 20I20 celebrates the Golden 1920s, that legendary era of glamour, excess and extravagant freedom – internationally known as the ‘Roaring 1920s’. Pure hippie patchouli contrasts cool, velvety freshness of rose and geranium and is warmed by noble wood notes. 20I20 is the contemporary interpretation of the spirit of the 1920s … Read more

History of the 1A-33 – fragrance & bar soap


Historical background J.F. Schwarzlose Söhne began producing the finest perfumed soaps shortly after the company was founded in the middle of the 19th century. From 1899 onwards, the company’s own soap production facility adorned the letterhead, because soap was a central part of the product range at that time and was one of the company’s … Read more

Short Introduction

J. F. Schwarzlose Parfums Berlin

Unlike France, Italy or England, Germany has only a very few perfume houses with a long tradition. In the luxury sector, J.F. Schwarzlose is Germany’s only historic perfume house, that is still active today. As a supplier to the royal and imperial courts, the brand created iconic fragrances such as 1A33, Trance, Rosa Centifolia, Treffpunkt … Read more